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The Wagner family origionated from Hanau-Hesse (Germany).

1.) Phillip (Phillipus) Wagner was born in 1708 and in 1730 married Anna Catherine (1709-1752) in Hanau-Hesse. They had two children, Johannes (born 1731) and John Henry Wagner (born 1745). The family arrived in Canada on the "Murdoch" in 1751. Phillip married Anna Margaretha Osterman (1726-1788) in July of 1753 in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. It is said that Johannes was killed and scalped by indians in July of 1758.

2.) John Henry Wagner (1745-1818) married Anna Barbara Berringer(1753-1789). They had nine children: Phillip, Johannes, Anna Catherine Barbara, John Henry, Rudolph (1781-1851), Johan, Mary, Anna and William.

3.) Rudolph married Anna Marie Emeoneau (1789-1874)and they had twelve children: Elizabeth, Johannes, Marie Ann, Jacob, Benjamin, Anna Catherine Barbara, Thomas (1818-1860), Wilhelm, Edward, Sarah, Anne Sophia, and John Jonas.
It is said that Johannes and Jacob both drowned when they fell through the ice while skating on the Mill Pond in Upper LaHave, Lunenburg County.

4.) Thomas married Eunice Barbara Allen in 1844. They had eight children: Thomas Edward, John David, Thomas (1848-1928), Eunice, Sophie, Mary, Ida, and James.

5.) Thomas married Ada Crouse (1846-1945) in 1876.

1881, 1891and 1901 Wagner Census info for Thomas and Ada Wagner

A lot of this information was taken from the "Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia Genealogy" website
To the Wagner family members who supplied information for this site, thanks everyone!.

Marriage slip for Thomas and Ada